The earliest ovens, found in central Europe, date from 29,000 BC, and were used, at times, to cook mammoth. They must have been really big! In 2015 DragonAire Cooking Technologies felt it was time to finally reveal its revolutionary oven The DragonAire. Unfortunately it is a little too late to cook mammoth but had it been around back then that mammoth would have tasted pretty darn good.

The DragonAire story all started in Italy at the turn of the century when Cory Padula’s grandparents immigrated to Canada. You see as a young boy growing up with an Italian heritage Cory found his passion for good food and cooking. Fast forward to 2005 Cory, President of Cimtex Industries a successful high tech parts manufacturer, got the idea to put his love for technology and food together. He wanted to develop something modern that could cook food rapidly but also enhanced the natural flavors, textures and aromas. It seems Italians have always had a knack for merging tradition with modern technology, for example, in 1903 Luigi Bezzera invented the espresso machine and that spawned a whole new segment of the food service industry.

During the 10 year development process Cory realized that in Italian cooking, sometimes less is more and the best results come from simplicity. So instead of going down the complicated laser beam star wars technology road that rapid cookers travel, Cory decided to blaze his own trail. He utilized his background experience in cryogenics, aerospace projects, and fuel cell development to design a product that did not follow convention. By modifying the air through the control of moisture content he was able to create dry steam. Dry steam unlike wet steam cooks quickly but allows crispy foods to get crispier, flakey foods to get flakier and best of all roasted foods to get well, roasted. The high velocity super heated air oven was born.

The “DragonAire” has two configurations, the basket oven and the thermal plate model. The basket oven works in much the same way as a deep fryer, using baskets to hold the food while it is bathed in air instead of oil. The thermal plate model is more like an al forno oven configuration and produces amazing results fast. Taste and Texture are the key driving goals of this technology, speed just happens to be a great side benefit. This is all in keeping with Italian tradition, just like its sports cars; speed is desirable but never at the expense of function and beauty. In the case of the DragonAire the mission is to produce amazing food, that looks beautiful, tastes beautiful and that can compete with the competition in speed.