“If you build it they will come” a classic line from the movie field of dreams in which Kevin Costner builds a baseball field on his soon to be bankrupt corn farm using valuble crop field to pusue a dream. What are the factors leading to a leap of faith like the one Kevin took? Need’s are obviously different from wants, we don’t need to build a ball park instead of planting corn but what if people really want to watch baseball? When it comes to innovation in the restaurant industry most big players are innovating where a need is prevalent, It’s only the true dreamers that find a way to give the people what they want! It takes guts and vision to be an innovator in an industry full of status quo. In the super HOT fast casual pizza market there is an example that really bothers me, in order to keep speed of service times status quo the original concepts are not so original when it comes to crust. Ok ok, I know a lot of people love their thin crust za but what happened to choice in customization? To meet the speed of service need thin crust is a must, or is it? Why are we constantly adapting the food to work better with the existing equipment, I understand it’s easier and more cost effective in the short term but the quality suffers. “If you build it they will come” and we did, a multi-application rapid cooking technology that does not compromise. At DragonAire our goal was to change the cooking process not the food. Margaret Thatcher said “Don’t follow the crowd let the crowd follow you.” Who wants to build a better concept?