When you ask 100 people “who makes the best pizza?” You will get a hundred different answers, it’s a subjective question. That being said There must be criteria to the perfect slice and thats what we should explore. Modern pizza comes from Naples Italy and is defined as a flatbread topped with cheese and tomato sauce, ok lets use these first three components to start our critique.
What makes a good crust or flatbread, well even the thinnest pizza crust needs to have flavor and you can see some of that flavor in the form of “leoparding”. The old expression you taste with your eyes defiantly comes into play here, the flatbread must have those tasty spots of dark brown randomly adorning its golden slightly crispy crust.
I personally love a liberal about of sauce on my pie and I need that sauce to be fresh and full of zest. Some prefer a much tamer less robust version so I guess we are back at personal preference on this one.
There is not much argument on our third component, cheese! It would be hard to find a less is more argument on this one. C’mon is there culinary delight that does not benefit from melty cheese? I think not and that is why after a great crust gets a little saucy, hot, bubbley cheese is the piece de resistance!
Over the past year I have had the privilege of “testing” the DragonAire as a pizza oven. According to my waistline it could possibly be the best oven on the market when it comes to making the perfect pizza, oh did I mention it could do it in 2 minutes.