Jibo the worlds first social robot for the home can order take out, check voice mails it also tracks and responds to your mood. Alexa is a speaker that can tell you the weather, knows when you are out of laundry detergent and orders it for you through amazon. Kirobo is a companion robot to Japanese astronauts. Self driving cars and apps that rate our selfies, “AI” is everywhere and the future is now. Artificial intelligence exhibited by machines or software is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chances of success.

Most of the “smart” commercial cooking technologies on the market take a great deal of programming in order to achieve the desired results. Sometimes when we try to make things easier to use it actually causes more confusion like teaching your grandparents to use an iPhone. What if along with artificial intelligence the technology had a soul? Cooking is not only science it is also art and art needs soul. The brick oven has soul, a tandoor has soul a bbq pit definitely has soul.

At DragonAire we wanted to create something that was not only efficient, intelligent and easy to use but we wanted to create a cooking apparatus with soul. Hybrid microwave/impingement ovens are functional and have their place in the food service industry but they lack personality. The DragonAire High Velocity Super Heated Air concept is all about personality. Our goal was to simulate traditional ovens that enhance the overall flavour and texture of the foods they produce. Like writing a song and having a masterful musician play it for you, the DragonAire can not only execute but it can create culinary art.