How did we survive before the iPhone? It’s a valid question, so many daily tasks are done with just one device. Can you imagine packing around a walkman, phone, flashlight, calculator, photo album, books, camera, video camera, VCR, map, compass, newspaper, etc….. It seems crazy to think about the dark ages before this piece of amazing technology and I feel the same way about the DragonAire’s place in foodservice. Both QSR and Fast Casual stores are getting smaller and to say there has always been a premium on space in the kitchen would be an understatement. Brands are now building themselves around one or two pieces of equipment which specialize in doing one thing (e.g., cook pizza, steam burritos, create grillmarks). The number of precooked and processed food items increase and there are limitations on how the food can be prepared, “whatta ya mean I can’t have thick crust pizza”. Some companies, even large “higher end” franchises just reheat in elegant looking “laser beam” microwaves. It really is a shame that quality suffers because modern kitchens can’t be equipped with the proper tools to actually cook food. Enter the DragonAire, over 10 years of research and development has produced a cooking technology like no other. The DragonAire can bring true taste and texture to almost anything you throw at it or should I say in it. It’s patented high velocity super heated air is perfect for cooking almost anything fast with amazing results. The focus in most of my upcoming blogs will be on the food because ultimately that’s what this oven is about. I will take you though preparation tips and times, imagine cooking pasta, grilling vegetables, making french fries, even a 3 minute calzone can be done with one piece of equipment. Goodbye flat top,
Arrivederci pasta cooker, Au revoir deep fryer, 再見 wok, see ya later grill, Hello DragonAire.