Ok everyone loves pizza and I mean everyone, but why is the calzone not as popular? The calzone is much easier to eat and can be very practical when on the go, it stays hot and some would argue even tastes better. So why is this not so distant relative of the pizza family living in the shadow of the worlds #1 food? The history of the lonely calzone follows step for step the same path of pizza which also gets it’s roots from ancient Egypt where a herb encrusted flat bread was served during birthday celebrations for the Pharaoh. Calzone like the modern version of pizza originated in Naples and was also a small personal style dish. So why is it that in our pizza crazed culinary culture the calzone is left under the heat lamp? I think the answer lies in two factors that influence the modern consumer, fast and fresh. The customizable “subway” style pizza joint trend is hotter than an 800 degree wood burning oven right now but the technology that can provide a 3 minute calzone did not exist until now. You see a calzone take’s at least 20 minutes to cook so either you are waiting or you choose something that has been sitting under the heat lamp for who knows how long.  Imagine an al forno style calzone with your choice of filling cooked in 3 minutes! Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the DragonAire, the only piece of cooking technology in the world that can do it. I was introduced to the oven in it’s beta stage testing and dropped everything to be a part of this commercial cooking revolution. It’s time for the calzone to get pizza a run for it’s money.